Muhammad Imran Yousaf

About Us

Our goal of bringing fresh and high quality fruits and vegetables.


About us

For the finest and freshest fruits and veggies in the UAE, turn to Miyfresh. As a well-known importer and distributor, Miyfresh has solidified its position as a market leader by supplying the best fruit to homes and businesses all across the area. As a proud brand name of the well-known Muhammad Imran Yousuf business family, a name that has become synonymous with quality over the past ten years, Miyfresh carries on a tradition of honesty, dedication, and unrivalled knowledge. Our journey began with a straightforward yet significant objective: to offer the UAE community a delicious and nourishing culinary experience.

At Miyfresh, we are aware that the ingredients you choose to utilise are the key to producing extraordinary recipes. We go above and beyond to find the freshest fruits and veggies possible, sourcing them from all around the world. Every piece of produce that makes it to your plate is a monument to nature's wealth, bursting with flavour and nutrition thanks to the hard efforts of our committed crew.

Our quality

Quality is what motivates us. We carefully choose our products based on high criteria to make sure that only the best makes it into your kitchens. We ensure that every bite you swallow is an explosion of flavour and wholesomeness thanks to our cutting-edge facilities and strict quality control procedures. Our dedication goes beyond simple business dealings; it's about creating enduring connections. We take pride in becoming your partners in culinary excellence rather than just a provider.



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